Optimizing Technology for Organizational Development

Entrepreneurs and investors need to plan for the incorporation of technologies in their organizations according to a set format.

Technology has always existed in some shape, by the passage of time it got modernized. Especially, in the last few decades this modernization has resulted in rapid development. In almost all developed countries technology has become an essential part of their organizations. This has increased the efficiency of the organizations in managing their day to day work and ease in disaster recovery. Perhaps it is time for us in Afghanistan to reflect on technology and how it can and should be accommodated in an organization. What necessary planning should be done? And most important of all, how much budget is required for the implementation of a suitable structure?

Equipping of an organization with latest technology requires solid planning, analysis, design and a lot of technical expertise. While planning their annual budgets, companies usually do not take into consideration technology. Whereas, it should be kept in mind that it would be very critical to the success of an organization if a proper budget is allowed. Therefore, firms turn to hiring technology specialists for the implementation of a standard technology structure. The structural reform of a firm depends on the company’s requirement but again one shouldn’t forget that budget limitations could be an obstacle.

To assess the needs of an organization, requirement engineering is needed. This stage involves various procedures for revealing the actual facts about the needs of a company. The technical team prepares questionnaires, arranges interview sessions, and requirement checklists to collect information based on which they will initiate the planning process. Remember that the budget is finalized in the planning phase. The technical team in light of the collected data starts to plan. Usually in project planning, major activities which could further be divided into small activities are each defined as a milestone. Doing so provides great extent of flexibility in managing the project.

As stated above solid planning is very important, therefore for the accomplishment of each milestone there should be a timeframe set. Because, companies can’t tolerate long breaks, since they have to deliver services to their customers. So, timing is clearly an essential factor in planning. At the end of planning phase the technical team will come up with a suitable budget, recommended architecture and timeframe proposal.

Next phase is the practical implementation of the plan and following that the testing phase starts. In the testing phase the technical team checks the whole system for bugs and errors. Furthermore, there is a need for the development of technical documentations and user manuals for maintenance, user guidance and future upgrades of the system. As just mentioned, a technologist should also have excellent writing skills for developing technical documentations, catalogs and user manuals. After the successful completion of testing, the final stage is to deliver the lead of the system to the company and train their technical staff on the system operation and maintenance.

For a moment, assume that an organization develops a system disregarding the above mentioned standards. What would be the outcome? Don’t you think disregarding the aforementioned standards is a big mistake? Indeed, it is! This can lead to failure of a business. Unfortunately, it is one the biggest challenges we are facing currently at country level in Afghanistan. Majority of our entrepreneurs and investors don’t appreciate technology while planning, as they take it lightly and think it can be deployed at any stage. But by doing so, they cannot imagine how adversely it could affect their businesses. It is worth mentioning that one of the major factors of businessmen giving up on investing in the country is the improper planning and deployment of non-standard technology structures.

To deal with the lack of technology awareness and its proper utilization, there is a pressing need for technology awareness campaigns through the country. These campaigns could be arranged by the government to educate investors and entrepreneurs alike to better manage their businesses with the help of proper technology utilization.

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