Open Source Alternatives for ERP

Examines the current open source Enterprise Resource Planning systems, and provides alternatives.


Open source ERP systems are often targeted to enterprises whose requirements are not covered by standard software. Similar circumstances apply to organizations that need continuous adaption of the software to changing processes and needs. In this paper the suitability of current open source ERP systems for these enterprises will be examined.

It provides sufficient information for a small or medium enterprise to choose a flexible and adaptable open source ERP system. Starting from the question which opportunities a company has to support its processes with IT, the advantages of flexible systems are elaborated. Besides the focus on flexibility, open source specific criteria for support, continuity and maturity are worked out. Then selected open source ERP projects are reviewed and classified according to these criteria. The results are a criteria catalog and a classification of selected open source ERP systems.

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Jawed Samsor

Jawed is an entrepreneur with several years of experience in Information Technology and Education Management. He holds Master’s degrees in Business Administration from Kansas State University, U.S. Jawed is an advocate for technology integration in the education system in Afghanistan. His projects include introduction of an open source information system at National Institute of Management and Administration and Turquoise Mountain Institute.

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