Tech Solutions to Real-Life Issues: Ready and Waiting

The iLabs innovation workshops in four locations across Afghanistan brought together students to devise technological solutions to the country's problems.

Afghanistan’s tech community joined forces with civil society to develop tech solutions to improve service delivery and promote good governance. The mobile apps and web-based programs have been designed specifically for Afghan users and the prototypes are ready. To make the ideas a reality, they need funding.

By Afghans, for Afghans

Afghanistan’s technology sector has grown dramatically over the past decade and Afghan youth are increasingly tech-savvy. However, the government and civil society continue to rely on bureaucratic paper-based processes that are susceptible to corruption, and links between civil society, the government, and the tech community are limited. TechNation connected Afghan technologists with civil society and the government at iLabs in Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Kabul and Jalalabad, to develop innovative solutions. The iLabs were supported by the USAID-funded Afghan Civic Engagement Program (ACEP) implemented by Internews and Counterpart International.

The Winners

Kabul: iNobat

Make queues a problem of the past. iNobat is a web-based e-ticketing system that promotes citizen access to public services. Designed for the passport department, the system generates tickets to schedule appointments for each day.

Herat: Mobile Score Notification (MSN)

The MSN application distributes Kankor exam results by SMS. Educational institutes can also broadcast announcements to students and organizations can use the app to verify a student’s exam results and diploma.

Jalalabad: mSiwad

The fun and user-friendly application is designed to increase access to education including literacy, numeracy, and grammar. The app also provides opportunities for university hopefuls to practice Kankor exam examples offline.

Mazar-e-Sharif: Darmaan

To promote increased access to health services, this app identifies and locates doctors and clinics nearby. Each healthcare provider has a profile and can be contacted directly for an appointment. Basic information about common illnesses and conditions is also available.

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