Staff Writer (Dari)


TechAfghanistan, a new interactive online magazine that provides valuable news and information products about technology, is looking for a committed and passionate staff writer to write news, reviews and features for the website. TechAfghanistan functions as a resource and news portal on latest developments, events, research, and personalities associated with technology in Afghanistan and elsewhere. It offers a fun, stimulating and tech-focused work environment with numerous opportunities to learn and grow professionally.

Essential Functions

1. Researching

A staff writer at TechAfghanistan has to be especially adept at researching the subject before doing any writing, and also scouting for possible topics to write on and pitch to editors. Research consists of thoroughly checking the necessary venues for reliable information pertaining to the story, which may include Internet searches, public records, databases or actual experience with the topic, such as using certain technologies.

2. Interviewing

The interviewing process may stem from research or lead into it. However the writer goes about it, interviewing subjects for stories is an essential responsibility. Doing research beforehand can prep unfamiliar writers with the subject, yielding useful material for questions to ask during the interview.

3. Writing

The staff writer has to write compelling articles according to TechAfghanistan’s Editorial Policy and Style Guide, with strong lead-in paragraphs to engage target audiences. DEadline must be strictly adhered to. They may be asked to contribute to different sections of the paper, so reporters should know how to write different types of articles, such as reviews, in both short and long formats. They should be willing to re-write their stories after editor’s comments.

4. Translating

The staff writer should, preferably, be able to translate content (written or audio-visual) from the source language (such as English, Pashto) into the target language (Dari), while ensuring that the translated version conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible. The target language is normally the translator's mother tongue or a language that the translator is fluent in.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Literature, Communications

  • Demonstrated interest and quality of writing (portfolio of articles)

Application Process

Send your CV, cover letter and writing sample(s) to by 14th March, 2016

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Application deadline: 2016-Mar-14

Organization: TechAfghanistan

Sector: Technology