Internship - Web Master


TechAfghanistan is a new and upcoming technology magazine/publication in Afghanistan whose mission is to empower local audiences with valuable and relevant news and information products related to technology. These audiences include the academic community, technologists, ICT private sector, governing institutions and development agencies. Ranging from video tutorials to research papers, from short news articles chronicling international tech innovations that can be adapted to the local context, to data and events, TechAfghanistan aims to be the premier tech publication in the region.

We are currently constructing the website, identifying volunteer contributing writers from the local and international community, building partnerships with the relevant organizations, and setting up a small in-house studio for video production. To this end, we have a number of positions open for internships. We seek creative, hardworking and talented individuals who would like to gain crucial work experience in a professional environment. Tasks will be assigned with strict timelines and outputs. We are looking for motivated self-starters with big ideas and the discipline to see them through, who can work under tight deadlines and minimal supervision.


The tasks involved are coding the site, adding new features and content, editing navigation by using Javascript, CSS or HTML, and backing up the site. The webmaster is expected to handle multiple roles at TechAfghanistan.  The resource shall work as a web developer in-house, he/she will be asked to perform a variety of tasks, alone or working with a team of web developers. Followings include some of the responsibilities:

  • Maintenance

Maintain an inventory of advertisements and identify and manage the ad server software.  Since TechAfghanistan is running advertisements online, the webmaster is expected to maintain these ads and set parameters for them within the site’s architecture.  This includes monitoring performance based on KPIs, making sure the code is compatible with various browsers, fixing broken links and images, adding new content, and product updates etc.

Webmaster is responsible for making sure the domain and hosting is current at all times, and it does not expire causing downtime. Webmaster also makes sure the servers are the safest, most secure. This includes creating emergency back-up procedures so the site can still function properly if there’s any server problems.

  • Programming

Take care of programming for the website, alone and with team. This includes coding the site, adding new features and content, editing navigation by using predefined technologies such as (Javascript, CSS or HTML), logo and artwork, video and sound, and backing up the site. Conduct debugging to make sure the TechAfghanistan is bug free, fully functional and stable.  Debugging includes correcting any errors in the code, and properly testing it to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Debugging needs to be taken seriously and as if bugs aren’t addressed quickly, it can cost TechAfghanistan revenue and conversions.

  • Web Design / Development

Perform web design and development as needed. Webmaster is responsible for designing an attractive, appealing website for TechAfghanistan that suits the readerships and clients.  He/she makes sure the website is fully functional-- by looking at the website from technical aspect. Assisting with site expansion, familiaring themselves with the website and its products and create webpages that are in line with the overall strategy and goal.

  • Marketing

The webmaster is responsible for driving traffic to TechAfghanistan website and making sure it ranks highly in search engines.  Make sure that the right resources are available to promote TechAfghanistan as best as possible.  He/ she also should install trackers indicating which pages on TechAfghanistan website get viewed the most and where the site visitors come from before visiting site.  Webmaster determines which pages perform the best in terms of search engine optimization and is able to prioritize external links and ad space.  Track the number of visits the, and geting and the percentage of visits that generate sales.

Skills and personal qualities:

  • Be able to work on their own or in a team

  • Be able to work under pressure to meet strict deadlines

  • Have knowledge in software programming and graphics

  • should be familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript.

  • Be creative and imaginative, have a high level of creative and artistic skill

  • Be able to adapt and pick up new techniques

  • Have good interpersonal and communication skills

  • Be thorough and precise with their work

  • Be able to multi-task

  • Understand international web standards and protocols

Application Process

Send your CV, cover letter and writing sample(s) to by 14th March, 2016

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Application deadline: 2016-Mar-14

Organization: TechAfghanistan

Sector: Media