Latest from TechAfghanistan up to date with the most recent articles, news and updates from TechAfghanistan up to date with the most recent articles, news and updates from TechAfghanistanTechAfghanistan and TechWomen.Asia at IGF 2017 will be present at the IGF Village throughout the forum at booth #51! Come visit us and learn more about our community portals and projects active in Asia and the Pacific region!E-Learning, MOOCS, Online Based Competency Education, and M-Learning: Implications for Capacity Building paper summarizes current thinking about e-resources. It includes examples, and closes with suggestions on transforming capacity building through using ICT technologiesKabul-based Technology Incubator, Ibtikaar, Graduates 12 Startup Companies at Safi Landmark Hotel with a series of eminent speakers from government and civil society, the graduation was a symbol of the growing start-up culture in Kabul.The Role of Startups and Why Should You Operate in Afghanistan? is now time to give back and contribute towards lifting our crippled economy and prove to the world that we’re no less than others.Getting a Startup Off the Ground in Kabul May 12, the Founder Institute’s Kabul chapter hosted its second event this spring, focused on tips and tricks for raising capital for a new business.Skype Translator is no surprise that people have been looking to tear down the language barrier - with the help of computers that can now solve complex linguistic challenges.Forty Five Young Women Create Mobile Apps in Herat, Afghanistan the second pitch event of its kind in Herat, mobile apps are presented to over 200 participants from all walks of lifeICT in Education: Challenges, Issues and Guidelines“The illiterate of the 21st century,” according to futurist Alvin Toffler, “will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”Darakht-e Danesh Online Library Revolutionizes Education in Afghanistan's first comprehensive digital educational resource collection to build capacities of teachers.Google Translate Adds Pashto into the Translation System adding 13 more languages into the Translate, including Pashto, the system supports over 100 languages now.Tech Solutions to Real-Life Issues: Ready and Waiting iLabs innovation workshops in four locations across Afghanistan brought together students to devise technological solutions to the country's problems.Towards Online Presence: Initial Steps the necessary low cost iniatives to ensure Afghanistan moves online in an effective mannerOptimizing Technology for Organizational Development and investors need to plan for the incorporation of technologies in their organizations according to a set format.Experienced Technology Leader Named as ICANN President and CEOöran Marby, currently Director-General of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) to start at ICANN May 2016 How Hospitals in Afghanistan Can Become Smart: A Comparison of Electronic Medical Record System and clinics in Afghanistan have medical record systems with poor accuracy, in which errors of clinicians are not captured. R&E Networks: Pathways to Innovation for K-12 the K-12 Community and Policymakers in Advocating for High-quality, High-capacity, and Affordable Broadband Connections to Every Classroom in the USNMC Horizon Report- 2016 Higher Education Edition ongoing research project designed to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have an impact on learning, teaching, and creative inquiry in education.National Cyber Security Strategy of Afghanistan and achieve a Safe - Secure and Resilient cyber space for the government, businesses and citizens of AfghanistaneGovernment Strategy Afghanistan Outcome of Developing Electronic Governance in Afghanistan, Assessment, Strategy, Implementation EGOV.AF ProjectRegulation for the Use of Radio Frequencies and Radio Communications Equipment in Afghanistan Spectrum, Radio Frequency, Frequency Band, Fee, Registration Fee, State Radio Monitoring Department, Station.E-AFGHANISTAN's National Priority Program ProposalAfghan eTransaction and eSignature Act Transactions and Electronic Signatures ActAfghanistan Open Access Policy Open Access Policy of AfghanistanAfghanistan Telecom and ICT Policy- 2003 Telecommunications and Information Communication Technology Policy of Afghanistan, Nov 2003 DraftAfghanistan ICT Policy- 2003 Information Communication Technology Policy of Afghanistan, Nov 2003 DraftAfghanistan Telecommunications and Internet Policy- 2003 Policy is aimed at enabling the rapid growth of affordable communications to the citizens of Afghanistan so they may experience the digital age.100 Days Plan- Afghan Ministry of Communications and IT document outlines the Afghan Ministry of Communications and IT 100 days plan presented to the President of Afghanistan by the Minister upon his appointmentAfghanistan IT Industry Development Policy document presents draft IT Industry Development Policy. formulated based on inputs and recommendations from relevant stakeholders in January 2014. This draft was presented for review and public consultation.Harnessing the Internet of Things for Global Development Ideal ICT4D Strategy on the role of ICT for development, examining both sides of the coin. - A New Localized Accounting Software for Afghanistan by Afghanistan Holding Group, is an affordable, secure and simple taxation accounting web application for smartphones, tablets and computers. Developing a Strategy to Localize OSS to Pashto thesis covers and emphasizes the software that are already localized to Pashto, problems with the current applications and the organizations work for localization.DEWAE - Innovating Afghanistan how to enter competitions through DEWAE's Innovation Support ProgramHow to Improve Collaboration in your Organization Dropbox and Google Drive to make workflow, teamwork and sharing easier. Open Source School Management Solutions pros and cons of existing school management software solutions Social Media and Articulation of Radical Narratives in Afghanistan research and policy paper by Niamatullah Ibrahimi, Musab Omer and Mohammad IrfaniOpen Source Alternatives for ERP the current open source Enterprise Resource Planning systems, and provides alternatives.Open Source Computing in Afghanistan OSCA initiative proposes a program which comprises a set of projects including internal and external capacity building to make the Afghan Center of Open Source Systems self-sufficient.Mobile World Congress Internet of Things World Forum 2015 2015 Regional Internet Governance Forum The Next Generation – A Cashless Mobile Society M-Pesa Transformed Kenya and AfghanistanStarting Up in Afghanistan tech entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges, but seem to be in the right place at the right time.Moodle for Efficient Teaching and Learning in Afghan Education Institutes and public institutions in Afghanistan can benefit greatly from Moodle, an open source Course Management System (CMS)M-payments and the Challenges of E-Commerce in Afghanistan Technology Continues to be in Action optics, microwave radio and satellite technology - which will prevail?Crowdfunding - A Useful Concept?‘With crowdfunding you are allowing people to do something… You have people saying, I believe in you’ - anonymous project developerHow Technology Can Unleash Rural Entrepreneurship in Afghanistan of tech can bridge the policy gap, data gap and action gap in creating jobs through entrepreneurship in rural areas of the countryElevate Security and Remove Vulnerabilities can threaten the functioning of entire businesses. These steps can help you safeguard your data and business. Bluetooth - A Path Towards an IT Revolution, a small cheap radio chip designed by Ericsson, has entirely replaced the need for cables. Female Technologists in Afghanistan to Launch 20 Locally Developed Mobile Apps, a community technology center in Kabul is attempting to break a male dominated industry by training computer science students from Kabul University in mobile app developmentArtificial Bee Colony Optimization Algorithm