Renewable and Bio-based Chemicals Summit

ACI's Renewable & Bio-based Chemicals Summit being held on the4th & 5th May in Chicago, USA will focus on current trends in renewable & bio-based chemicals in a wider range of applications including; bioplastics, biopolymers, consumer, industrial and institutional products. Join us at the conference to explore insights from key players across the entire value chain.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Neal DikemanSenior Venture PrincipleShell
Richard L.BellDevelopment ManagerDupont
Sam Jackson, Vice President, Business Development, Genera Energy Inc
Corinne Young, CEO, Corinne Young LLC
Charlie LuiVice PresidentCathay Industrial Biotech
Ally Latourelle, Managing Partner, BioEconomy Partners LLC
Joel A. StonePresidentGreen Biologics
Eric Bowen, Head of The Renewable Chemicals Division, Renewable Energy Group
Dr Randy Cortright, Founder/CTO, Virent
David Sudolsky, President & CEO, Anellotech
Andrew Corr, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy
Jordan Godwin, Biofuels Analyst, Platts
Derek Atkinson, Senior Business Director Bioplastics, The Americas, Corbion
John ReillyManaging Director, WestPark Capital, Inc
Joel A. StonePresident, ConVergInce Advisers LLC
Carole JacquesDirector of Marketing, Lux Research Inc
Prabhakar Nair, Vice President of Business Development, LanzaTech
Peter Jackman, Ignacio Hyland, Co-FounderALEGRIA

The conference invites attendees from across chemical, plastics, packaging, industrial, consumer goods, speciality chemicals, automotive and cosmetic industries. With attendees from across value chain, ACI’s Renewable & Bio-based Chemicals Summit will welcome feedstock producers, product managers, process technologists, R&D scientist, and sustainability managers.


  • An Overview of the Emerging Renewable & Bio-based Chemical Industry 

  • Analysing Oil Price: Floor & Ceiling Predictions for the Next 12 Months 

  • Highlighting Current Feedstock Trends

  • Feedstock for the Future 

  • Life Cycle Assessment for Bio-based Products 

  • Government Policy, Funding & Regulation

  • Bio-based Products from a Brand Owner’s Perspective 

  • Bio Brand’s Panel: How to Sustainably Take Over the Shelves

  • Bio-based Product Case Studies 

  • New & Future Technologies 

Previous Attendees Include:

* UPM Biochemicals * Grupo Idesa * Dexera * Gadot * Kanematsu GmbH * E.ON Gas Storage GmbH * KAO Chemicals GmbH * SPC Sunflower Plastiic Compound GmbH * Hte Aktiengesellschaft * SOFINNOVA PARTNERS * FPInnovations * BioTins-Energia * Cargill * Synthos S.A.* TNO * Nexeo Solutions Europe * GV Advisors *Neste Oil * Stora Enso * SABIC Innovative Plastics * Nurel * Bioplastics MAGAZINE *UPM GmbH * Kolon Industries * VITO * Potter Clarkson LLP * NRW Bank Equity Investments * Verdezyne * Alkol * Myriant * Abengoa Bioenergy * Clariant * FKuR *Ineos Bio * Wageningen University And Research, Food & Biobased Research * Taghleef Industries Gmbh * Frost & Sullivan * École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne EPFL - Switzerland * Novasep Process SAS * NNFCC – The UK’s National Centre For Biorenewable Energy, Fuels And Materials * Institute For Bioplastics And Biocomposites * DIN CERTCO GmbH * WUR - Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research * BASF Industries AG * Corbion * E4tech * Arkema * Novamont SpA *Biométhodes* Netherlands Enterprise Agency * Global Bioenergies * Green Chemistry Centre Of Excellence * CLIB2021 * Nova-Institut GmbH * DuPont * Fraunhofer Institute For Applied Polymer Research * Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe E.V. (FNR) * DSM Bio-based Products & Services B.V.

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